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Past Events

Begin End Title
28.10.2015 16.12.2015 Lecture Series: Dr. Johannes Schmidt-Hieber: Nonparametric Bayesian Statistics
15.10.2014 16.10.2014 Workshop: Time Dynamic Change Point Models and its Applications
06.03.2014 07.03.2014 FOR916 Closing Workshop
11.11.2013 13.11.2013 Workshop: Statistical Issues in Compressive Sensing
10.09.2013 13.09.2013 Lecture Series: Prof. Tasio del Barrio: Essential Model Validation and Trimming
19.11.2012 28.11.2012 Lecture Series: Prof. Oleg Lepski: Adaptive estimation via oracle approach
24.10.2012 31.10.2012 Lecture Series: Prof. Alexandre Tsybakov: Introduction to aggregation of estimators
16.07.2012 18.07.2012 Workshop: Recent Developments in Statistical Multiscale Methods at University of Göttingen
29.05.2012 31.05.2012 Lecture Series: Prof. Dr. Andrew Stuart: The Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems
20.02.2012 22.02.2012 Vortragsreihe: Dr. Markus Grasmair: Sparse Regularisation for Inverse Problems
09.06.2011 10.06.2011 Workshop: Mathematical Statistics meets Econometrics at ZEW Mannheim
23.06.2010 25.06.2010 Lecture Series: Dr. Richard Nickl: Adaptive Nonparametric Confidence Bands
14.06.2010 15.06.2010 Workshop: Measurement Errors in Administrative Data at ZEW Mannheim
07.06.2010 11.06.2010 Block course: Prof. Lutz Dümbgen: Empirical Processes at University of Bern
18.11.2009 20.11.2009 Lecture series: Prof. Alexandre Tsybakov: Statistical Issues In Sparse Recovery
23.09.2008 25.09.2009 Workshop at University of Bern
10.06.2009 18.06.2009 Lecture series: Prof. Marc Hoffmann Financial data modelling across temporal scales
20.11.2008 22.11.2008 Opening conference: Statistical Regularisation and Qualitative Constraints