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Open position in the Research Training Group 2088: The Research Training Group 2088 seeks qualified applicants for PhD positions (details).

Next talk in the Stochastics Colloquium: 09.12.2015, 11:15, Dr. Tom Nye (Universität Newcastle)
"Statistical analysis in tree-space" (Abstract).
Prof. Axel Munk awarded with IMS fellowship: At the Joint Statistical Meeting in August 2015, Prof. Axel Munk was named fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (also IMS), the largest scientific organization for mathematical statistics and probability. The award was given in recognition of ground-breaking contributions to change-point problems, fundamental research in inverse problems and its applications to biophysics, influential work on data analysis on manifolds and fingerprints, and leadership in the German statistical community (press release).
New Research Training Group 2088 by IMS and NAM: Starting from 1 October 2015 the German Research Foundation DFG finances a new Research Training Group as a collaborative project of the Institute for Mathematical Stochastics and the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics. The RTG with number 2088 carries the name „Discovering Structure in Complex Data: Statistics Meets Optimisation and Inverse Problems“. It is concerned with new mathematical concepts for the efficient classification and reconstruction of relevant structures in data. Six professors from each of the two institutes participate in a total of 13 projects.
  • The dissertation "Hierarchically linked extended features for fingerprint processing" by Dr. Krzysztof Mieloch was awarded with the Commerzbank-Preis 2008. (Press release)


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