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Next talk in the Stochastics Colloquium:
20.06.2018, 11:15, Dr. Anthony Lee (University of Bristol)

"Particle filters and variance estimation" (Abstract).
Dr. Yoav Zemel, EPF Lausanne, spents SNF Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship at IMS: The IMS welcomes Dr. Yoav Zemel, who is spending with us an 18-months research visit from February 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2019. Dr. Zemel is funded by a Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship for the project Uncertainty Quantification for Optimal Transport mentored by Prof. Axel Munk (more information is available here).
Stochastics in Practice

Colloquium "Stochastics in Practice": complete schedule

No future talk is currently scheduled.

Past talks

  • 20.12.2013: Dr. Bijan Afsari (Johns Hopkins University)
    Title: Averaging on Riemannian Manifolds: Theoretical and Computational Perspectives (Abstract)
  • 22.11.2013: JProf. Dr. Zakhar Kabluchko (Universität Ulm)
    Title: Extreme Value Theory applied to Multiscale Scan Statistics (Abstract)
  • 27.09.2013: Prof. Dr. Stephen M. Pizer (University of North Carolina)
    Title: Interclass Statistical Tests on Objects (Abstract)
  • 31.05.2013: Prof. Dr. Viktor Benes (Charles University, Prague)
    Title: On dimension reduction of covariates in stochastic geometry models (Abstract)
  • 01.02.2013: Prof. Mario Stanke (Universität Greifswald)
    Title: Gene Prediction with a Conditional Random Field Maximizing Expected Accuracy (Abstract)
  • 07.12.2012: Prof. Thorsten Dickhaus (HU Berlin)
    Title: Multiple test problems and effective numbers of tests with applications to genetic association studies (Abstract)
  • 11.10.2012: Prof. Dr. Raymond Veldhuis (University of Twente)
    Title: Vascular biometric research (Abstract)
  • 06.07.2012: Prof. Felix Krahmer (Universität Göttingen)
    Title: Compressed sensing bounds via improved estimates for Rademacher chaos (Abstract)
  • 29.06.2012: Prof. Dr. Sungkyu Jung (University of Pittsburgh)
    Title: General Consistency Results of PCA in High Dimension (Abstract)
  • 09.12.2011: Dr. Nicole Krämer (TU München)
    Title: The Degrees of Freedom of Partial Least Squares Regression (Abstract)
  • 18.11.2011: Prof. Norbert Schappacher (IRMA, Straßburg)
    Title: Felix Bernstein in Göttingen und in der Emigration (Abstract)
  • 01.07.2011: Prof. Dr. Stephen Pizer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    Title: PCA-like Analysis of Shape via Composite Principal Nested Spheres Applied to Skeletal Representations (S-Reps) (Abstract)
  • 10.12.2010: Peter T. Kim (University of Guelph)
    Title: Torsion and the Equine Hoof (Abstract)
  • 07.11.2008: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Hautsch (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
    Title: Modelling Multivariate High-Frequency Market Dynamics (Abstract)
  • 13.06.2008: Dr. Mario Stanke (University of Göttingen)
    Title: Two Applications of HMMs in Bioinformatics: Discovery of Genes and Detection of Recombination in HIV (Abstract)
  • 13.07.2007: Prof. Dr. Arne Bathke (University of Kentucky)
    Title: Empirical Likelihood and Combined Multiple Testing (Abstract)
  • 01.06.2007: Prof. Dr. Torsten Hothorn (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
    Title: Schätzung von Regressionsmodellen mit Boosting-Verfahren: Theorie und Praxis (Abstract)
  • 04.11.2005: Dr. Kerrie Nelson (Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina, USA)
    Title: Modelling inter-rater agreement using mixed models (Abstract)
  • 20.05.2005: Prof. Dr. Peter J. Brockwell (Colorado State University)
    Title: Lévy-driven Stochastic Volatility and COGARCH Models (Abstract)
  • 22.04.2005: Prof. Dr. Stefan Wellek (Universität Mannheim)
    Title: Statistische Tests zum Nachweis der Kompatibilität einer beobachteten Genotypenverteilung mit der Hardy-Weinberg-Bedingung (Abstract)
  • 29.10.2004: Prof. Stephen Senn (University of Glasgow)
    Title: Change from baseline or analysis of covariance?: Lord (Abstract)
  • 22.10.2004: Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Bock and Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann (RWTH Aachen, Universität Bielefeld)
    Title: Statistische Aspekte der Analyse von Microarray Experimenten:
    Cluster-Methoden für Microarray-Daten (Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Bock )
    Modeling Microarray Data using a Threshold Mixture Model (Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann) (Abstract)
  • 14.05.2004: Prof. Dr. C. Czado (TU München)
    Title: Model selection for overdispersed count regression data (Abstract)