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Nächster Vortrag im Stochastischen Kolloquium:
13.04.2018, 14:15, Dr. Paul Joubert (IMS-Alumni) (Berlin)

"Working as a data scientist in industry" (Abstract).
Dr. Yoav Zemel, EPF Lausanne, spends SNF Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship at IMS: The IMS welcomes Dr. Yoav Zemel, who is spending with us an 18-months research visit from February 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2019. Dr. Zemel is funded by a Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship for the project Uncertainty Quantification for Optimal Transport mentored by Prof. Axel Munk (more information is available here).

Arbeitsgruppe "Angewandte und Mathematische Statistik"
Publikationen: Gesamtliste 2004

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