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Nächster Vortrag im Stochastischen Kolloquium:
27.03.2017, 16:15, Assistenzprof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt-Hieber (Universität Leiden)

"Science as a vocation - academic career paths for statisticians" (Abstract).
Research prize funds guest researcher at IMS: Dr. Vlada Limic, Directeur de recherche at CNRS Universite Paris Sud, has received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel research prize of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation honoring her outstanding contributions in the area of probability theory with applications in the life and physical sciences. The prize will fund an extended research stay of Dr. Limic at the Institute for Mathematical Stochastics in Göttingen from the summer of 2017 to 2018 (more information).
Lehrangebot SS 2017 (vorläufig)
Die Angaben der Veranstaltungen für das Sommersemester 2017 sind vorläufig.

SS 2017
Mo. 10-12, Do. 10-12, MI HS 1 (Fiebig, U.)
Stochastik - Übung
t.b.a. (Fiebig, U.; t.b.a.)
Life insurance mathematics
Fr. 14-18, MI HS 3 (Fröhlich, M.)
Multivariate Statistics II
Mo. 14-16, Do. 14-16, MI HS 3 (Huckemann, S.)
Multivariate Statistics II - Übung
t.b.a. (Huckemann, S.; t.b.a.)
Seminar Biometry
Di. 14-16, IMS (Huckemann, S.)
Oberseminar Statistics on Noneuclidean Spaces
Mi. 8-10, IMS (Huckemann, S.)
Angewandte Statistik
Mo. 8-10, Do. 8-10, MI HS 1 (Krajina, A.)
Angewandte Statistik - Übung
t.b.a. (Krajina, A.; t.b.a)
Oberseminar Statistics of Extremes
Do. 16-18, IMS (Krajina, A.)
Statistik in den Geowissenschaften
Di. 14-16, GZG MN14 (Krivobokova, T.)
Statistik in den Geowissenschaften - Übung
t.b.a. ( Krivobokova, T.; t.b.a.)
Statistical Modelling and Inference III
Di. 16-18, Fr. 14-16, IMS (Krivobokova, T.)
Statistical Modelling and Inference III - Übung
t.b.a. (Krivobokova, T.; t.b.a.)
Oberseminar Nonparametric Methods
Di. 10-12, IMS (Krivobokova, T.)
Mathematical Statistics IV
Mo. 14-16, Do. 14-16, IMS (Munk, A.)
Mathematical Statistics IV - Übung
t.b.a. (Munk, A.; Aspelmeier, T.)
Oberseminar Mathematical Statistics
Fr. 12-14, IMS (Munk, A.; Aspelmeier, T.)
Wasserstein distance and Markov chains
Mo. 10-12, Do. 10-12, IMS (Rudolf, D.)
Oberseminar Wasserstein distances
Mi. 14-16, IMS (Rudolf, D.)
Stochastic Lab Course I
04.09.-15.09.2017, IMS (Schuhmacher, D.)
Stochastic Processes II
Mo. 10-12, Do. 10-12, MI HS 4 (Sturm, A.)
Stochastic Processes II - Übung
t.b.a. (Sturm, A.; t.b.a.)
Seminar Stochastic Processes
Do. 12-14, MI HS 4 (Sturm, A.)
Oberseminar Stochastic Processes
Fr. 10-12, IMS (Sturm, A.)