Joint Research Project INVERS

Research Projects

Mass spectroscopy and light microscopy have been revolutionised over the last couple of years, changing the requirements of the accompanying data analytical methods. We hence aim at developing new approaches to analyse such data, making them available to our industry partners.

Deconvolution with location-dependent PSF
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hell, Dr. Andreas Schönle
Blind deconvolution for 4Pi-microscopy
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage, Dipl.-Phys. Robert Stück
Local choice of penalties for image reconstruction in fluorescence microscopy
Prof. Dr. Axel Munk, Dr. Nicolai Bissantz, Dipl.-Math. Philipp Marnitz
TV regularisation, segmentation and cartoon-reconstruction in nanoscopy
Prof. Dr. Martin Burger, Dipl.-Math. Christoph Brune
Deconvolution with a-priori known sparsity
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hohage, Prof. Dr. Axel Munk, Dr. Thomas Hotz
Regularisation of inverse convolution equations in Besov scales
Prof. Dr. Peter Maaß, Dipl.-Math. techn. Dennis Trede
Deconvolution versus shrinkage: mathematical methods for improved peak detection
Prof. Dr. Peter Maaß, Prof. Dr. Herbert Thiele, Dr. Theodore Alexandrov