Institut für Mathematische Stochastik

Industrial Project with eResults: Information Processing in the Internet


Project Management:

  • Prof. Dr. A. Munk
  • Prof. Dr. M. Boos
  • T. Wilhelm, eResults GmbH


  • Andreas Cordes



This project is concerned with information processing in the internet. Its aim is to explore the dependencies between web-design, intentionality and (overt) attending behaviour. More explicitly, the following key questions are addressed:
Is it possible to predict the movements of the eye from the features of the web-page if the intent of the user is known?
May subsets of persons with similar eye movement patterns be identified? If so, which are their defining attributes?

This project is a collaboration with eResult, a company working in e-business and the Georg Elias Mueller Institute of Psychology. It is supported by a grant from the Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Society.