Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Lower Saxony Cooperative Project:
ELAN (E-Learning Academic Network Niedersachsen)

Partner: This project is being developed in a close cooperation with the Institute for Informatics, University of Göttingen

Other institutions involved:

Project Management:

  • Prof. Dr. A. Munk


  • Dr. Ulf Fiebig
  • Carsten Gottschlich



See Information for the Media, University of Göttingen

In the part of the project developed at the Institute for Mathematical Stochastics teaching contents of the topic "Stochastics for Computer Scientists" are being elaborated and multimedially prepared for future E-Learning scenarios. As far as the methodical formation is concerned, an emphasis is laid on as high interactivity between the student and learning aids as possible. The contents are structured into a thematically organised modules which can be flexibly combined with one another.