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Jain, K. A. and Minut, S.2002Hierarchical Kernel Fitting for Fingerprint Classification and AlignmentInternational Conference on Pattern Recognition (16,2002, Quebec)469-473
Jain, N.C.1977Central Limit Theorem And Related Questions In Banach SpaceProceedings of Symposia in Pure MathematicsVol. 3155-65
Jamshidian, M.2004On Algorithms for Restricted Maximum LikelihoodComputational Statistics & Data AnalysisVol. 45, No. 2137-157
Jerri, A. J.1977The Shannon Sampling Theorem - Its Various Extension and Applications: ATutorial ReviewProceedings of the IEEEVol.65, No.111565-1596
Jiang, X., Liu, M. and Kot, A.C. 2006Fingerprint Retrieval for IdentificationIEEE Transaction On Information Forensics and SecurityVol. 1, No. 4532-542

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