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Autor Jahr Titel der Arbeit Zeitschrift Band Seiten
Ma, J. and Hudson, M.2008Block-Iterative Fisher Scoring Algorithms for Maxiumum Penalized Likelihood Image Reconstruction in Emission TomographyIEEE Transaction on Medical ImagingVol. 27, No. 81130-1142
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Mason, L., Baxter, J., Bartlett, P. L. and Frean, M.2000Functional Gradient Techniques for Combining HypothesesAdvances in Large Margin Classifiers221-246
McKeague, I. W.2005A Statistical Model for Signature VerificationJournal of the American Statistical AssociationVol. 100, No. 469231-241
Mei, Y., Sun, H., Xia, D.2009A gradient-based combined Method for the Computation of FingerprintsImage and Vision Computing27, No. 81169-1177

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