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Kamei, T. and Mizoguchi, M.1998Fingerprint Preselection Using EigenfeaturesProc. IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition918-923
Kifer, Yuri1992-93Equilibrium States for Random Expanding TransformationsRandom & Computational DynamicsVol. 1, No. 11-31
Kofidis, Nikos2008Blind System Identification: Instantaneous Mixtures of n SourcesInternational Journal of Computer MathematicsVol 85, No. 91333-1340
Kolmogorov, T.1961Epsilon-Entropy and Epsilon-Capacity of Sets in Function SpacesTranslations17277-364
Korostelev, A. P. and Tsybakov, A. B.1993Estimation of the Density Support and Its FunctionalsProblems of Information Transmission291-15

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