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Rachev, S. T.1993Option Pricing Formulae For Speculative Prices Modelled By Subordinated Stochastic ProcessesSerdica - Bulgaricae mathematicae publicationes19175-190
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Renshaw, E., Mateu, J. and Saura F.2007Disentangling Mark/Point Interaction in Marked-point ProcessesComputational Statistics & Data AnalysisVol. 51, No. 63123-3144
Robertson, C. A. and Fryer, J. G.1969Some Descriptive Properties of Normal MixturesSkandinavisk aktuarietidskrift (Scandinavian actuarial journal)69137-146
Ryden, T.1995Estimating the Order of Hidden Markov ModelsStatistics26345-354

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