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Next talk in the Stochastics Colloquium:
20.06.2018, 11:15, Dr. Anthony Lee (University of Bristol)

"Particle filters and variance estimation" (Abstract).
Dr. Yoav Zemel, EPF Lausanne, spents SNF Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship at IMS: The IMS welcomes Dr. Yoav Zemel, who is spending with us an 18-months research visit from February 1st, 2018 to July 31st, 2019. Dr. Zemel is funded by a Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship for the project Uncertainty Quantification for Optimal Transport mentored by Prof. Axel Munk (more information is available here).


This is a list of the dissertations written at the Institute for Mathematical Stochastics in recent years.


author title advisor published
Mach, Tibor Dualities and genealogies in stochastic population models Sturm 2017
Behr, Merle Finite Alphabet Blind Separation Munk 2017
Diehn, Manuel Inference in inhomogeneous hidden Markov models with application to ion channel data Munk 2017
Pein, Florian Heterogeneous Multiscale Change-Point Inference and its Application to Ion Channel Recordings Munk 2017
Sommerfeld, Max Wasserstein Distance on Finite Space: Statistical Inference and Algorithms Munk 2017
Kück, Fabian Convergence Rates in Dynamic Network Models Schuhmacher 2017
Guo, Qinghai Multiscale Change-point Segmentation: Beyond Step Functions Munk 2017
Heuer, Benjamin Convergence of the genealogy of the spatial Cannings model Sturm 2016
Telschow, Fabian Equivariant Functional Shape Analysis in SO(3) with Applications to Gait Analysis Huckemann 2016
Singer, Marco Partial Least Square for Serially Dependent Data Krivobokova 2016
Rosales Marticorena, Francisco Empirical Bayes Smoothing Splines with Correlated Errors: Methods and Applications Krivobokova 2016
Hartmann, Alexander Estimating rigid motion in sparse sequential dynamic imaging: with application to nanoscale fluorescence microscopy Munk 2016
Joubert, Paul A Bayesian approach to initial model inference in cryo-electron microscopy Habeck 2016
Li, Housen Variational Estimators in Statistical Multiscale Analysis Munk 2016
Thai, Duy Hoang Fourier and Variational Based Approaches for Fingerprint Segmentation Munk 2015
Brink-Spalink, Rebekka Stochastic Models in Population Genetics: The Impact of Selection and Recombination Sturm 2015
Sabel, Till Simultaneous Confidence Statements about the Diffusion Coefficient of an Ito-Process with Application to Spot Volatility Estimation Munk 2014
Sieling, Hannes Statistical Multiscale Segmentation: Inference, Algorithms and Applications Munk 2014
Stucki, Kaspar Invariance properties and approximation results for point processes Schuhmacher 2013
Strokorb, Kirstin Characterization and construction of max-stable processes Krajina 2013
Engelke, Sebastian Brown-Resnick Processes: Analysis, Inference and Generalizations Schlather 2013
Malinowski, Alexander Financial Models of Interaction Based on Marked Point Processes and Gaussian Fields Schlather 2013
Tams, Benjamin Cryptanalysis of the Fuzzy Vault for Fingerprints: Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures Mihailescu 2013
Rippl, Thomas Pathwise Uniqueness of the Stochastic Heat Equation with Hölder continuous diffusion coefficient and colored noise Sturm 2013
Kombrink, Karola A semiparametric method for planning and evaluating non-inferiority trials in the Cox model framework Munk 2012
Gottschlich, Carsten Fingerprint Growth Prediction, Image Preprocessing and Multi-level Judgment Aggregation Munk 2011
Schmidt-Hieber, Anselm Johannes Nonparametric Methods in Spot Volatility Estimation Munk 2011
Frick, Sophie Change point estimation in noisy Hammerstein integral equations Munk 2010
Marnitz, Philipp Statistical Multiresolution Estimatiors in Linear Inverse Problems - Foundations and Algorithmic Aspects Munk 2010
Janßen, Anja On some Connections between Light Tails, Regular Variation and Extremes Schlather 2010
Mielke, Matthias Maximum Likelihood Theory for Retention of Effect Non-Inferiority Trials Munk 2010
Dannemann, Jörn Inference for Hidden Markov Models and related Models Munk 2010
Scheuerer, Michael A Comparison of Models and Methods for Spatial Interpolation in Statistics and Numerical Analysis Schlather 2009
Mieloch, Krzysztof Hierarchically linked extended features for fingerprint processing Munk 5/2008
Wübker, Achim L2-spectral-theory for Markov operators Denker 1/2008
Janicke, Nico Bipower-variation bei Finanzmarktdaten mit unregelmaessigen Beobachtungsabstaenden Woerner 1/2008
Langovoy, Mikhail
Data-driven goodness-of-fit tests Munk 7/2007
Schnellen, Marina Analysis of Implied Volatility Surfaces Munk 5/2007
Hotz, Thomas Modelling and Analysing Orientation Fields of Fingerprints Munk 7/2007
Kabluchko, Zakhar Extreme-Value Analysis of Self-Normalized Increments Denker 4/2007
Abujarad, Mohammed Beschreibung der Fluktuation von Zuwächsen für U-Statistiken Denker 1/2007
Valeinis, Janis Confidence bands for structural relationship models Munk 1/2007
Matic, Rada Estimation Problems Related to Random Matrix Ensembles Denker 7/2006
Boysen, Leif Jump estimation for noisy blurred step functions
Bulla, Ingo Existenz und Eindeutigkeit von Lösungen linearer elliptischer stochastischer Differentialgleichungen mit distributivem Quellterm Hering 2005
Min, Aleksey Limit theorems for statistical functionals with applications to dimension estimation Denker 6/2004
Holzmann, Hajo Some remarks on the central limit theorem for stationary Markov processes Denker 4/2004
Rey, Denise The informal order in ranked set sampling experiments Denker 2004
Sobieczky, Florian Zur Anzahl der Zusammenhangskomponenten von Urbildern stationärer, ergodischer Felder Hering 2004
Skipka, Guido The Likelihood Ratio Test for Order Restricted Hypotheses in Non-Inferiority Trials Munk 5/2003
Stadlbauer, Manuel The Bowen-Series Map for some free groups Denker 6/2002
Siemer, Alexander Die statistische Auswertung von ordinalen Daten bei 2 Zeitpunkten und 2 Stichproben Brunner 4/2002
Md. Shahi dul Islam Non-linear Age-time Dependent Population Dynamics Denker 3/2002
Kulle, Bettina Nichtparametrische Cross-Over-Verfahren Brunner 1/2002
Schmitt, Oliver Remarks on the Generator-Problem Denker 11/2001
Fan, Zhaozhi Estimation problems for distributions with heavy tails Denker 5/2001
Domhof, Sebastian Nichtparametrische relative Effekte Brunner 5/2001
Roy, Mario On Gibbs Families for Fibrewise Expansive Systems Denker 11/2000
Franke, Brice Heat Content Inequalities for Diffusions on Manifolds Hering 11/2000
Müller, Armin Stochastische parabolische partielle Differentialgleichungen und optimale Impulskontrolle Hering 11/2000
Koch, Susanne Konstruktion eines Poissonrandes für Halbgruppen Denker 11/2000
Bathke, Arne Die Hoeffding-Zerlegung in Linearen Modellen Denker 11/2000
Besold, Paul Solutions to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as Elements of Tensor Product Spaces Hering 5/2000
Imai, Atsushi Pentakun, the mod 5 Markov chain and a Martin boundary Denker 5/2000
Wekeck, Steffen Über eine alternative Totalauszahlung für stochastische Spiele Krengel 11/1999
Schwarzwäller, Wolfgang Eigenschaften der Filtrationen Brownscher Bewegungen auf Mannigfaltigkeiten Hering 11/1999
Keßeböhmer, Marc Multifraktale und Asymptotiken großer Deviationen Denker 6/1999
Pralle, Lars Mehrstichproben-Statistiken unter Störungen Denker 11/1998
Hamann, Annette Methoden zur Stabilisierung von Dimensionsschätzungen Denker 11/1998
Wittich, Olaf Eine Invarianzeigenschaft Brownscher Bewegung und Transformationen der Feynman-Kac-Formel Hering 6/1997
Rheinländer, Jörg Charakterisierung der Generatoren dynamischer Halbgruppen